Vision Statement

Working for a bank also provides an opportunity to become acquainted with some of the best and brightest people who help to make and grow our communities. These small business owners know what it takes to be successful.

My vision is that we need to encourage this entrenprenurial spirit in
our community.
 While it appears Millcreek has ʻfilled inʼ, a closer look shows that there is a wonderful opportunity to revitalize our neighborhoods and city by encouraging growth rather than
finding ways to stop development, done in the environment of a healthy General Plan, I would hope we can contain the good qualities of life we enjoy, yet encouraging businesses to invest in our community.

We should create a place where young families want to reside in Millcreek. Wise and practical responses to growth should encourage this growth which will increase our tax base and help reduce the costs of our local government.
We have the advantage of proximity to the metropolitan area, yet
bordered near the beautiful Wasatch mountains which provides wonderful
recreational opportunities. Development should enhance the quality of our


Listening and learning

This is where local representatives need to have a listening ear. For example, when a neighborhood has been designated to be zoned for single family, low-density housing, we need to protect those neighborhoods. As a representative of my neighbors,
I pledge to keep my ears open and represent those citizens. It is important that those designated to draft our General Plan have the interest of our citizens as their top priority.
I feel that a balance is possible and is desirable. This is one of the benefits of becoming a city. The direction and control of our community will now be made by our neighbors who live here, rather than putting it in the hands
of planners who live elsewhere.

Financial Responsibility

Government should be in place to provide opportunities for us to enjoy our lifestyle and make this a place we can be proud to work and live. We must be careful to think that our city needs to spend alot of money for every pet project that
comes along. This means we need experienced watchdogs serving to assure we have necessary services. Yet, we need rules and regulations that encourage growth in our tax base where citizens in the county will be inclined to be drawn to our
city and support our revenues by spending their hard-earned dollars in our city. Our Master Plan should be developed with this in mind. I feel we are fortunate that we have a strong tax base and that we will now be able to retain these revenues
to support our needs in Millcreek. I support the current plan to encourage walkable neighborhoods and regional centers, rather than looking for a ʻcity centerʼ like a Downtown Millcreek. On the expense side, we are now in a position to bid
our services for the best value. This is why I supported the effort to exit the Municipal Services District (MSD). We will still have the option to take bids from Salt Lake County. As the countyʼs largest customer, we should discover a sharper
pencil when sending out bids for our services in addition to looking at other options like sharing services with surrounding municipalities.

I am pleased that we will remain in the United Fire and Police districts. A regional approach seems efficient and productive. Most citizens whom I have spoken with seem to like the service we are getting. This also applies to our garbage collection.
You will notice that these services are paid for, directly, as a line item on your property taxes. These services will remain unchanged.

SB 199

I think it important to touch on the election last year where our citizens voted to allow MIllcreek to become a city. This election was quite different than the prior electon in 2013 where we were asked if we wanted to become a city.

The more recent election gave us different options:

  • Be an incorporated entity (Township) along with other areas in the county where we have little in common. (Emigration Canyon, Copperton, Magna, Kearns, etc), or
  • Incorporate as a city of our own.

This was not an election where we were given a choice to avoid another layer of government. I see it as an opportunity to manage our own resources, especially where the option was to incorporate with a hodgepodge of other disconnected communities.
Acknowledging that our citizens voted 2 to 1 on this issue,
we need to move forward in a positive and responsible manner.