Progress Report

Well, it’s official! I was elected Millcreek City Councilman for District #2. I received 2,561 votes to 2,159 for my opponent (54.26%). The final votes were tabulated this afternoon. I congratulate Dwayne Vance on running a vigorous and fair campaign. It was quite a contrast to the national election. His acknowledgement of my win was very respectful.

 The elected officials met last night at our new office location in the Mt Olympus Improvement district offices located @ 3950 So 5th East. Now the real work begins.

Progress so far includes: Furniture donated by Cottonwood Heights (including computers), Rent free office space for 6 months offered by MT O Improvement district. City council meetings are scheduled each Monday evening @ 6pm where the public
is invited and time is given for input by the citizens. Our agenda is loaded as there is so much to do to be prepared for our official incorporation date of January 3rd, 2017. There will be a citywide ‘inauguration’ on 1/3/17… location
to be determined. (Likely to be at a Junior High in the city). Watch for details!
Thanks to each of you for your support in so many ways. Every sign was placed where we were invited. The day after the election, we picked up all of our signs which I think our neighbors appreciated. We had lots of dedicated workers who helped
deliver door hangers throughout the district. With 15,000 residents in our district, this was quite an effort. Rosemary hand addressed over 1,000 letters to neighbors where we were less known. In the end, I feel we all did a great job covering
the district while keeping within our planned budget. Of all nine candidates in Millcreek, only one candidate spent less money, which I feel good about . In the end, we found that hard work wins out over spending a lot of money. Having said
that,….thanks to those who gave financial donations. It really helped out!


Going forward! I hope you will feel free to share with me any idea, suggestion or vision you have, regarding our new city. I’m listening!


Results: Jeff Silvestrini is our new mayor. Council members include Silvia Catten district#1, myself in district 2, Cheri Jackson in district #3 and Bev Uipi in district #4.