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Meet The Councilman

Who Am I?

Councilman, Millcreek City Council, District #2

Rosemary & I have raised our family of 6 boys at our
current residence in Millcreek for 43 years. This has been a wonderful place to watch them grow and move on to raise their own families. Our boys have been taught well by their mother to work and play hard. Together, they excelled in
their school work, delivered the local papers for over 20 years, worked in the local nursery and learned some of lifeʼs skills. Now it is their turn as they have married wonderful companions and are raising their own families.


My hope is that Millcreek will be as good a place to raise our next generation, as it was for us.

Service is an important responsibility each of us have to improve the life experience we hope to enjoy. We have tried to teach our children to be involved in a positive way with those around us. For us, this has included
volunteering in the local
schools, church, charitable organizations, and
coaching in various youth baseball and basketball leagues. Participation in the
Zions Bank Paint-a-thon has been a worthwhile annual event which I helped direct during my 43 years of employment as well as
teaching finance to children in the local elementary schools. Upon retirement, I have been
volunteering at neighborhood schools in the
Read Today program (4 years @ Roosevelt Elementary). I have also served as a director for
United Way, PC Project, etc.

Growing up in the Central City area of Salt Lake, my siblings were taught by example by civic-conscious parents. My parents taught us to care about our neighbors and our local schools. As the youngest of 15 children, we learned to work and help
earn our way. Upon my fatherʼs illness when I was a young boy, our mother was forced back into the workplace to provide for us. This was a remarkable learning experience for all of us. She was not only forced to provide for us, and take care
of our father, but she shared her talents by serving in the Utah Legislature for two terms and as a Relief Society President in her church. I would never suggest that I even approach her stamina and example, but I feel it gave me a vision
into what can be accomplished, even under difficult circumstances.


Military Service:

Pardon me for ‘blowing my horn’, but this picture shows me as a member of the Utah National Guard, in the 23rd Army Band. While as band members, we enjoyed providing patriotic music, we also were trained in military combat. I received an honorable
discharge after 6 years of service.

Military Service in our family was a tradition, as my father served in WWI and my older brothers each served in the navy and army where their health allowed them to. My 3 older brothers participated in the 2nd WW. I think this is where the
family learned to actively serve their country in so many ways.

My Experience & Qualifications:

As a career banker (43 years at
Zions Bank), I have had the opportunity to help direct the work of a large business organization. I enjoyed seeing the company grow from a 13-branch operation to over 500 branches in the Western United States.
As the Regional President for the Salt Lake (Downtown) North region, I was privileged to help hundreds of employees grow in their financial careers. The 22 branches under my responsibility experienced excellent growth and success
during those years. Now
I am retired and am able and willing to share my time and the lessons learned as a representative for my neighbors in Millcreek. We were encouraged through my work to participate in our communities. This service included serving
on the boards of a number of organizations. This included the
Murray Chamber of Commerce where I also served
as President. While managing the downtown Headquarters office, I also served on the
board of the Salt Lake Downtown Alliance. Other opportunities included serving on the boards of a variety of
Service Clubs and charities.

The Dalai Lama:

The Dalai Lama visited Salt Lake in 2016, and I was invited to help provide transportation for his entourage for 3 days! He was here to celebrate the dedication of the new Tibetan center in South Salt Lake which many local citizens had volunteered
time to build. While here, he also visited the Huntsman Cancer Center, the University of Utah, met with Governor Herbert and dignitaries, and with LDS Church authorities.

What a thrilling experience and opportunity to have become acquainted. He represents 500 million Buddhists throughout the world.
Pictured here is Clay Lance and myself, wearing the beautiful shawl he gave as a gift for helping.


My educational background includes a degree in Banking and Finance (1967 BS) from  the University of Utah and a graduate degree at the Pacific Coast Banking School at the University of Washington (1986).

Community Involvement:

Having 6 boys has directed us to be involved in the local Boy Scouts. Besides being an Eagle scout in my youth, my sons also achieved this award. I also served as District 14 Scout Chairman

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Progress Report

Well, it’s official! I was elected Millcreek City Councilman for District #2. I received 2,561 votes to 2,159 for my opponent (54.26%). The final votes were tabulated this afternoon. I congratulate Dwayne Vance on running a vigorous and fair campaign. It was quite a contrast to the national election. His acknowledgement of my win was very respectful.

 The elected officials met last night at our new office location in the Mt Olympus Improvement district offices located @ 3950 So 5th East. Now the real work begins.

Progress so far includes: Furniture donated by Cottonwood Heights (including computers), Rent free office space for 6 months offered by MT O Improvement district. City council meetings are scheduled each Monday evening @ 6pm where the public
is invited and time is given for input by the citizens. Our agenda is loaded as there is so much to do to be prepared for our official incorporation date of January 3rd, 2017. There will be a citywide ‘inauguration’ on 1/3/17… location
to be determined. (Likely to be at a Junior High in the city). Watch for details!
Thanks to each of you for your support in so many ways. Every sign was placed where we were invited. The day after the election, we picked up all of our signs which I think our neighbors appreciated. We had lots of dedicated workers who helped
deliver door hangers throughout the district. With 15,000 residents in our district, this was quite an effort. Rosemary hand addressed over 1,000 letters to neighbors where we were less known. In the end, I feel we all did a great job covering
the district while keeping within our planned budget. Of all nine candidates in Millcreek, only one candidate spent less money, which I feel good about . In the end, we found that hard work wins out over spending a lot of money. Having said
that,….thanks to those who gave financial donations. It really helped out!


Going forward! I hope you will feel free to share with me any idea, suggestion or vision you have, regarding our new city. I’m listening!


Results: Jeff Silvestrini is our new mayor. Council members include Silvia Catten district#1, myself in district 2, Cheri Jackson in district #3 and Bev Uipi in district #4.
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Vision Statement

Working for a bank also provides an opportunity to become acquainted with some of the best and brightest people who help to make and grow our communities. These small business owners know what it takes to be successful.

My vision is that we need to encourage this entrenprenurial spirit in
our community.
 While it appears Millcreek has ʻfilled inʼ, a closer look shows that there is a wonderful opportunity to revitalize our neighborhoods and city by encouraging growth rather than
finding ways to stop development, done in the environment of a healthy General Plan, I would hope we can contain the good qualities of life we enjoy, yet encouraging businesses to invest in our community.

We should create a place where young families want to reside in Millcreek. Wise and practical responses to growth should encourage this growth which will increase our tax base and help reduce the costs of our local government.
We have the advantage of proximity to the metropolitan area, yet
bordered near the beautiful Wasatch mountains which provides wonderful
recreational opportunities. Development should enhance the quality of our


Listening and learning

This is where local representatives need to have a listening ear. For example, when a neighborhood has been designated to be zoned for single family, low-density housing, we need to protect those neighborhoods. As a representative of my neighbors,
I pledge to keep my ears open and represent those citizens. It is important that those designated to draft our General Plan have the interest of our citizens as their top priority.
I feel that a balance is possible and is desirable. This is one of the benefits of becoming a city. The direction and control of our community will now be made by our neighbors who live here, rather than putting it in the hands
of planners who live elsewhere.

Financial Responsibility

Government should be in place to provide opportunities for us to enjoy our lifestyle and make this a place we can be proud to work and live. We must be careful to think that our city needs to spend alot of money for every pet project that
comes along. This means we need experienced watchdogs serving to assure we have necessary services. Yet, we need rules and regulations that encourage growth in our tax base where citizens in the county will be inclined to be drawn to our
city and support our revenues by spending their hard-earned dollars in our city. Our Master Plan should be developed with this in mind. I feel we are fortunate that we have a strong tax base and that we will now be able to retain these revenues
to support our needs in Millcreek. I support the current plan to encourage walkable neighborhoods and regional centers, rather than looking for a ʻcity centerʼ like a Downtown Millcreek. On the expense side, we are now in a position to bid
our services for the best value. This is why I supported the effort to exit the Municipal Services District (MSD). We will still have the option to take bids from Salt Lake County. As the countyʼs largest customer, we should discover a sharper
pencil when sending out bids for our services in addition to looking at other options like sharing services with surrounding municipalities.

I am pleased that we will remain in the United Fire and Police districts. A regional approach seems efficient and productive. Most citizens whom I have spoken with seem to like the service we are getting. This also applies to our garbage collection.
You will notice that these services are paid for, directly, as a line item on your property taxes. These services will remain unchanged.

SB 199

I think it important to touch on the election last year where our citizens voted to allow MIllcreek to become a city. This election was quite different than the prior electon in 2013 where we were asked if we wanted to become a city.

The more recent election gave us different options:

  • Be an incorporated entity (Township) along with other areas in the county where we have little in common. (Emigration Canyon, Copperton, Magna, Kearns, etc), or
  • Incorporate as a city of our own.

This was not an election where we were given a choice to avoid another layer of government. I see it as an opportunity to manage our own resources, especially where the option was to incorporate with a hodgepodge of other disconnected communities.
Acknowledging that our citizens voted 2 to 1 on this issue,
we need to move forward in a positive and responsible manner.

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  • Melanie and Tyler Healey
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  • Larry and Julene Maddocks
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